BAY-SAT/PolarSat team wins competitive bid to upgrade Sudan Air Traffic Control Network

“The Civil Aviation Authority of Sudan is proud to be leading the way in the region in its relentless pursuit to provide safe and secure commercial aviation, and selecting the BAY-SAT/PolarSat team as key technology partners will form an integral force behind such a pursuit”, said Khedir Elemam Ahmed, CAA’s Product Manager Systems Engineering and Maintenance.

PolarSat Inc. the technology leader in full mesh hubless VSAT modem technology, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as part of the German BAY-SAT Engineering and Technologie GmbH team, to supply equipment, and technical services for a VSATPlus®3 satellite Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications network. This network is to upgrade the existing air traffic control communications network in Sudan. This upgrade is a strategic element within the Civil Aviation Authority of Sudan’s (SCAA) vision to continue to improve its overall Air Traffic Control systems.